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The Person Behind This Blog

Hello, my name is Imran Khan and I am a resident of Aligarh ”city of uttar pradesh state. Since childhood, my interest has been in technology and that is why we keep on getting information about technology on the internet continuously. So I thought why not help people through our blog "technologytipsabhay.com" and they are given the latest Tech Tips and Tricks to be made aware.

The purpose of "technologytipsabhay.com"!

Our only aim to start this blog is to provide technical knowledge to all of you which is not available on any other website, I would like to give you that knowledge of this Technical World so that you will be able to walk along with this modern world. We all know that we are living in the era where technology is being used everywhere. In such a situation, we will stay away from it and leave ourselves far behind. Today, technology has a big hand in everyone's progress.

Store of knowledge "Technology tips abhay"

We all know that new tools are being invented every day, but we all know very little about them. I will try my best that from today you will be able to know all those things very easily and take full advantage of them through our blog "technologytipsabhay.com". I will especially provide you tricks which are based on facts. Hope you will not miss the lack of knowing on the Internet beyond this.

Technology Tips Abhay's humble request

Also, "technologytipsabhay.com" would like to know from you what kind of tips and tricks you would like. You can send your thoughts, questions or any feedback to our email ik2199202@gmail.com. We will be happy to assist you.

Thank you for knowing about us.

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