What is web hosting, how many types are there and where to buy from

What is web hosting, how many types are there and where to buy from

If you want to create your own website, then you should have complete information about things like domain and hosting. Our own website or blog helps us to establish our identity in the world of Internet.

Today in this article I will tell you what web hosting is.

What is web hosting

Often, when someone wants to start a new blog, they do not have a good knowledge about web hosting such as what are the types of web hosting and what are the types of web hosting and where should they buy web hosting etc. They choose the hosting service, which causes them to face problems later.

First of all, for your information, tell me that even if you buy your own domain, you will still have to buy web hosting. By the way, you can create your website or blog even without hosting, but in such a situation, you do not have full control on the file of your blog website and it is not good for the future especially if you want to become a professional blogger.

Therefore, if you take web hosting, in such a situation, you have your own control on your blog or website and you can also change it from time to time according to your own.

What is web hosting

What is web hosting

When you want to start any business in this world, you need a physical place to keep and sell your products, in the same way a place is needed to create a website.

When you start making your website, you have its file and image that runs your website. These are the size in the file and image and need a place to live.

If you do not have the space online, then only you will be able to see the file of your website and no one else will see it.

This is the web space which is the place on the online space ie Internet.

Now you must be wondering from whom to buy a place on the Internet, let us also tell you this further

The hosting provider gives online space on its server where you can store the files and images of your website and as soon as someone sends request by typing your domain name in the browser then the hosting provider distributes the files of your website ( deliver) makes the site visible in the browser.

For the space (space) you will take on the Internet, you have to pay to the hosting service provider company and this is the same as if you rent a place for your business.

The hosting company offers different payment options such as per three months, six months or per year. You can take whatever option you like according to that option and after completion of time you have to pay again to continue the service.

How web hosting works

A website is a group of files and images. When you create a website, you need a place where you can store and store its file online.

 And this place is the server of the posting company

On this server, the file media file and database of your website is stored so that your website can function fully.

If you want to create a website of your own, then it also requires a domain. When you buy Faizabad Tow Man, you have to connect it to the server, that is, that is to point the domain to the hosting server.

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There are web host companies that rent their service so that you can host your website on the Internet.

When the hosting company hosts your website, then anyone can easily access it by typing the name of the domain in the address bar of the browser.

As soon as the user tries to access your browser by typing your domain name, your computer connects to the server where the website is hosted and then the browser takes all the files and images of your website from the server and loads it in the browser Shows visitors.

What is web hosting

What are the types of web hosting?

All the hosting companies have different service plans available.

You can choose the plan according to your need.

First of all you have to understand what kind of hosting is required for your website.

So now let us tell you what are the types of hosting.

Shared hosting

Shared hosting is the simplest hosting plan that is done the most. Most online business people use shared hosting.

You must be understanding a little bit in the name of shared, let's know in detail that in shared hosting a lot of customers share the storage space of a good server i.e. the limited space is given to different customers in the same server space. .

Share hosting has advantages such as

Cheap: This is the cheapest type of hosting, its price works with the rest of the hosting plan because you share a small space (part) of the server's space in it.

What is web hosting

Dedicated Hosting

If you take a dedicated server, then here you do not get a small part of the server's space and you get the whole server.

Dedicated hosting has some advantages which are as follows

Customization and control - In Dedicated Hosting Server, the user gets the option to change the configuration of the server. Users can easily make changes in the configuration using the option given according to their need.

Unlimited Resources - As I mentioned earlier, in this plan you get full server. Full server means unlimited resources. No matter how much space the user needs, they do their work by completing this plan. Full space is available in this server plan.

VPS Hosting

VPS is a full form virtual private server. VPS hosting is more robust than shared hosting and also offers more features.

Benefits of VPS Hosting Plan

  1. More space and brightness are available.
  2. Handles more traffic easily.
  3. This plan works better than shared and more visitors get to know it easily.
  4. There is no downtime at all, so that your website is never down.
  5. There is flexibility in VPS, that means when your site gets more traffic, then you can easily make changes in the configuration and it does not cause any problems.

Cloud Hosting

What is web hosting

Cloud hosting plan is different from all other plans. Apart from this, you address your website and it works very well. Like all other plans, it does not work by relying on one server but runs on a lot of servers, due to which it never gets downtime.

By taking this plan, the website always works well, there is never a possibility of going down.

Benefits of cloud hosting

Performance - Cloud hosting is very good because it uses a lot of servers as a resource and using a lot of servers improves its speed.

Scalability - Whenever your business grows and you feel that you now need more resources, you can easily upgrade your hosting plan by talking to the hosting service providers so that you get more resources just for this Extra money has to be paid.

Disaster recovery - It is an advantage to have your data on different servers, if a file or database crashes or some other problem occurs in the site, then it is easy to recover again.

Unmetered bandwidth - There is no tension due to the failure of a server to fail or the site to be down and continue to work well even under such circumstances.

What is the difference in Linux and Windows hosting

Most hosting services offer two types of hosting, Linux Hosting and Windows Hosting.

Linux Hosting:

In today's era, more websites are hosted on Linux hosting, the main reason for this is its price and flexibility. Linux hosting works with PHP aur MySQL jisse vah supports WordPress, Joomla, Magento, PHPbb etc software as all these are built using PHP aur MySQL

Windows Hosting:

Windows is used as the operating system in Windows hosting servers. It supports software and scripts associated with Windows. Such as ASP, .NET and Microsoft SQL Server.

Things to consider before purchasing web hosting

Disk Space & Bandwidth - When you are thinking of building a website and are looking at hosting for it, then you must pay attention to disk space. Everyone wants that more and more visitors come to his website day by day and it needs you to have a hooting which has more disk space and bandwidth so that it can handle the traffic easily.

So always check how much space you are going to get in the hosting plan you are going to get, check 1GB, 2GB ya unlimited as well as bandwidth.

Website builder - The higher level hosting provider company gives you tools using which user can easily create their website. When you buy hosting, you get the convenience of the app installer, with the help of which you can easily make your website platforms like WordPress and Joomla.

First time Price Vs Renewal cost - Before taking the hosting, also know about how much money you will have to pay at the time of purchase and then after that every year how much money will be spent at the time of renewal. Now according to your budget and plan, make sure to compare the service plan of different hosting service company, so that you know how much money you will spend every year and do not feel sorry if it was taken from another company.

Customer support - Whenever you face any problem in the website, there is a need to talk to the hosting support so that they can solve the problem. A good hosting company provides 24 hours and 4 days support, with the help of which you can keep your online business up and running again.

Many hosting companies provide email, live chat and phone support.

Therefore, before going to hosting, this must be known through which medium the company gives support and whenever you suddenly need it, you will get support or not.

Back-up / Security - Before taking hosting, you must also know whether the hosting company keeps a backup of your site. Because a good hosting company keeps a daily and last 7 days backup of your site so that it can restore your website again when it is needed, that is, it can continue running as it was.

Backup means both file and database. If there is some problem in the data center or your website gets hacked, then you need a backup, so the hosting company gives the backup service or not.

Uptime - You must also check what is the up time of the company you are thinking of taking hosting, that is, how long its service remains in 24 hours.

Reviews and Rating - Search the Internet by writing the name of the company you are planning to take hosting and read its reviews, ie what people who have used or have done with them are towards the service of that hosting company and What are they saying that should be taken or not.

Price and Package Comparison - There are many hosting services companies in the world that provide hosting and you can buy hosting plans from them, but try to know about good companies before buying. Now compare the hosting plans of a good company such as their price, disk space, bandwidth, support etc.

I would say that before purchasing the hosting, you must compare it with other company's plans. For example, if you are thinking of buying the shared hosting of your Bluehost company, then you should also look at the shared hosting plan of the company like BigRock and A2Hosting and Hostgator and compare which is better.

Domain - Many saree hosting companies offer domains for free when purchasing a plan, so you can also see if you are getting a domain for free or if you do not, then do not buy a separate domain and save money.

cPanel - Today all hosting companies buy cPanel, Plesk, or WHM which is the dashboard of your hosting to manage hosting. So once you know about it

Refund Policy - Know about the refund policy of the hosting company. If you take hosting and you do not like the service or your website is always down, then you will definitely want that I do not use such a service.

If you do not like this service, then you can withdraw your money within how many days of payment.

Note: If you want to keep your website or blog safe and wish that you get better hosting facilities as well as your website is never down, then you should always use paid web hosting.

Where to buy web hosting

First of all, you have to choose the hosting company for which you want to get hosting.

What is web hosting

Here are some points that I have mentioned above. What are the things that you need to keep in mind before buying live hosting? Keeping in mind those things, I am going to tell you about some of the best hosting company that I have used myself and I can say That their service is very good.

There are a lot of hosting companies in the world that provide hosting and you can buy a hosting plan from them, but try to know about good companies before buying, otherwise your time and money will be wasted.

So let's know about some great hosting company.


Bluehost remains on top whenever it comes to hosting company. Especially when it comes to creating a WordPress blog, Bluehost is considered the best hosting company.

What is web hosting

Due to the latest features and technology, Bluehost is still on top of all the companies providing hosting.

The best thing is that Bluehost's plan is affordable and it has been officially recommended by WordPress.

Features of Bluehost

  • ·       Unmetered bandwidth
  • ·       99.92% uptime and good response time
  • ·       1-Click WordPress Install
  • ·       24/7 Support
  • ·       FREE Domain Name for 1st Year
  • ·       FREE SSL Certificate Included
  • ·       Inexpensive hosting


SiteGround is also a very good hosting company and is recommended through blog tools and publishing platforms. SiteGround is known as fast working web hosting.

What is web hosting

The support of SiteGround is also very professional and they provide quick support.

SiteGround uses cache technology due to which the WordPress site works very fast. Their support team is amazing and it does not take more than a minute to join you.

Siteground Features

  • ·       Free Coudflare CDN
  • ·       Free daily backup
  • ·       Ssh
  • ·       30 day money back
  • ·       Unmetered traffic
  • ·       Unlimited MySQL
  • ·       Free Site builder
  • ·       Free SSL & HTTPS
  • ·       Free email accounts
  • ·       24X7 Support

Note: If you do not have a credit card, Bluehost aur will not be able to buy SiteGround's US plan, but you can buy BigRock ya A2Hosting's US plan. A2Hosting is quite good I have been using it for my 2 sites for the last 5 years. Hamesha server location me US hi chune.


BigRock is low cost web hosting services for private sites or small businesses. Their hosting plans come with cPanel control panel, a website builder and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

What is web hosting

BigRock Features

  • ·       24/7 customer support available over the phone, chat, and email
  • ·       Specialized packages for WordPress
  • ·       Domain name registration comes with free email account


A2hosting company was formed in 2001. The rest of the acquitted company is not named as much, but in terms of performance and speed, it is no less than the company.

Their customer support is very good and you also get the hosting plan in your budget.

What is web hosting

Along with all this, they offer a "anytime" money back guarantee, which you can withdraw money for as many days as you want for the validity of your plan.

It is a very good facility for every customer that if you do not like the service, you can withdraw the money whenever you want.

A2hosting is known for high power hosting which means providing the best hosting.

A2Hosting features

  • Free SSL for your blog
  • Free SSD server
  • cPanel to manage everything
  • Improving get unlimited storage
  • Unlimited databases

So friends, what is web hosting expected and how many types of web hosting are there, you will be able to know everything by purchasing this web hosting. If you like this article, then share it with your friends and also tell them. If you have any questions or suggestions, then comment.

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