What is a search engine

What is a search engine

If you have created your own website or blog, then you should have knowledge about search engine. Even if you want to learn SEO, you should have complete knowledge about search engine. Today in this article we will give you complete information about search engine. We are going to give such as what is a search engine, how do search engines work, how can you use it, which search engines are great.

Search engines are of great importance in the world of Internet. So let's get complete information about the search engine.

What is a search engine

What is a search engine?

A search engine is a web-based tool that allows Internet users (users) to search through the World Wide Web (WWW).

When a user searches by typing in a keyword or phrase search engine, then many results are seen from them, which contain website links, images, videos and other types of data.

The content that is shown to the user by the search engine is called Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

Google and Yahoo are famous search engines that are mainly used by Internet users right now.

How to use search engine

The user can access the search engine through a browser on their computer tablet, mobile or any other device. You can easily search by going to the home page of any search engine by typing a keyword in the search box.

How the search engine works

Each search engine uses different algorithms to see results of the search to the user. The search engine works mainly in three stages which is as follows.




The search engine always follows these three basic steps to work. So let's understand about this in detail.


Search engine work always starts with crawling. In this process, it scans the sites and gets the details of all its pages and posts such as title, link, image keywords etc.


After that an indexing process is done in which all the data found during crawling is arranged and kept in the database from one back.

Retrieve and Rank

This is the last step of working the search engine.

In this step, when search engine is searched by the user, according to their query, the relevant page which matches their query, appears as a result.
The search engine shows the result of the search in the list according to its algorithm.

They have their own different criteria for the page that the search engine selects from the saved database to show results during the search. The page that matches the most according to the user's search and is important shows the top of it.

What is a search engine

Do all search engines show similar results?

No, it is not necessary that all search engines show the same results. Each search engine has its own different algorithm according to which it searches results according to the user's query from its database.

The result depends on different things such as what place the user is searching from before, what the user has searched about it, etc.

That is, the basis of seeing the results of every search engine is different, according to which they mostly show different results.

What happens when a search engine is searched?

When a user in a search engine searches by typing their query, the search engine identifies the important pages associated with the query out of all the pages that are indexed, and using the algorithm classifies the relevant pages into a set of results.

Each search engine shows different important results according to the search query.

For example, if you search by writing something in Google, then the results which are coming up on top, it is not necessary that if you write the same keyword and search in Bing, then the same results come up.

The results that the search engine sees depends on many simple things.

  • ·       Where are you searching from
  • ·       What device are you searching from
  • ·       What did you search earlier related to that topic?
  • ·       Which language are you using to search?

Why does the search engine not index a page?

There are many reasons why a page is not indexed by search engines.


Many times, the developers give a link to the page of the sites in the robots.trust file, which blocks them, that is, the Googlebot does not know how to index it.


When you do not create a sitemap.xml file for your site or do not submit the sitemap.xml file ko to the webmaster tool after publishing the post, then the search engine bot does not know how to index the link to the site.

If your site's link is not indexed, then once submit sitemap again in webmaster tool

Crawl Errors

Many times search engines do not know how to crawl the site, due to which the links of the new page of the site are not indexed. If this is the time, then you should go to webmaster tools and check the crawl error and fix it

Blocked by .htaccess

Hatcase is a file that your server resides in the root folder of your site, its main function is to create URL rules and control the configuration of the site.

Many times the site index stops due to applying wrong rules in it, so if you do not know the rewrite rule then do not change this file.

NOINDEX in the Meta Tag

The search engine uses a meta tag to block the boat and is written as noindex.


If such a meta tag is placed in any page of the site then it will not be indexed by the page search engine. If you want to index the page, this tag must be checked if the tag is not placed on the page.

Hopefully you have understood what the search engine is and how it works. If you like this information, then share it with more people. If you have any questions or suggestions from the search engine, please comment and tell.

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