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What is google adsense And How to use google adsense

What is google adsense And How to use google adsense

Hello Friends, Welcome to this topic related to Google Adsense. Friends, in this topic today, we will talk about how Google AdSense should be used and how it should be used so that we too can earn money online from it. Friends, you also know very well that Blogging is a very good topic to earn money online. You can make good income by using High Cpc Keywords in Google AdSense.

What is google adsense And How to use google adsense

So friends, if you are reading this post of mine, then you must also be using adsense. Today we will talk only on this topic that if you want to use adsense for a long time, then what should you do for it?

Why am I saying that if you want to use adsense for a long time, what should you do?
The reason for my saying this is that many users use miss of adsense, due to which their adsense account is desable in some time. But I believe that if you want to make an income, you will be able to succeed only if no one goes on a shourtcut path and always walks straight.

You also know that AdSense is a product of Google and you know very well that it is impossible to cheat google, then why do you intentionally cheat with adsense or someday you will be caught. But not all users are the same, here are some people who read these posts, whose adsense account has just been approved, so they probably know very little about adsense, so today I will tell you how to use adsense. What should I do? But first let me tell you in Shourtcut that what is google adsense and how it works?

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What is google adsense

Friends, if we talk in less words, AdSense is a product of Google, using which we can show ads of any company on our website or blog, and what kind of ads will come on our blog, it desides itself by google but if If you use the keyword in your post, then it is possible that you will get to see ads related to that keyword in your website.

What is google adsense And How to use google adsense

There are two ways in which people work in AdSense and google is between them. People who advertise about their company or their product are called Advertiser and those who show ads on their blog are called Publisher. Now the deal between these two is google.
Now the work that is done to transact money between advertiser and publisher is called adsense. So in this way we earn money online by using adsense. Hope that you have now understood well that What is google Adsense and how it works. So now let us know how to use Adsense?

How to use Google AdSense

# 1 Never Break Google AdSense Rules

When you got your adsense account approved, then you must also have understood very well that how difficult is it to get approved adsense account on any blog? The biggest reason behind this is the rules of adsense. And I think it should also be because if he gives more than 50 percent of his income to his publisher, then it must be from the rules. But many people do not understand this and in the end the result is that their adsense account is closed.

So first of all, you should also understand that if you want to use adsense account for a long time, then never do such work that you do not like adsense, otherwise your adsense account will be closed without any prior notice.

And once the adsense account is closed, it means that the adsense account can never be created from that domain if adsense has turned it off. If you too have just approved adsense, then you must first read the new rules of adsense, after that login adsense and think about making income online.

# 2 Clicking on your Ads means that the AdSense account is guaranteed to be lost

If you are a new user, then the sooner you understand this, the better it is, otherwise it should not happen that when your account is sold, then you realize this mistake.
Let me tell you one thing - most people who click on their ads do not earn much money from adsense or those who are new to blogging. So let me tell you that even if your adsense account has just been approved, it does not mean that you will start earning thousands of rupees as soon as you apply adsense ads, so always be patient and try to have good traffic on your blog.

When there is good traffic, you will not have to click on your ads. If you do not have good traffic, then I would advise you not to place adsense ads on your blog. Because if you will advertise and when you will not earn at all, then only you will click on your ads.
By simply clicking on your own ads, this means that google has to be found out and no one can save your account from being desable, so whether you earn or not, you will never click on your ads.

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# 3 Never Make Money in ShortCut with Google AdSense

google is a very big company and it knows what you do on google and if you want to check your activity on google then you can do it by clicking here. So never think of fooling google adsense.

You should remove this idea from your mind forever that you will earn money by fooling adsense. Like I told you that he keeps an eye on your every activity, then you can think that you can never use cheat.

Now some people will also be found here who give the knowledge that we can cheat google easily using VPN, then let me tell you that with VPN you can never cheat it and just think the day you get caught Gone is your loss that day. VPN is also used by most people who are new to blogging.

Let me give you an example why we should not use VPN? Suppose your income is 50 thousand rupees a month, then the first thing is that those people who earn 50 thousand rupees a month from adsense will never use VPN. Now imagine if someone is going to earn 50 thousand rupees, then there is always about 40000 rupees pending in adsense (this is an estimate, it can be more or less).

Therefore, you should never think about such things, if you want that you will make good income from your blog and make an identity in future, then never use these shourtcut.

Tip :) - The ways of earning money from Shourtcut always seem easy but they only harm us in the end. According to me, they should never be used.

# 4 Only place ads on websites that have AdSense Verify

AdSense has given you permission to advertise on a blog, if you place ads on any other website other than that, then it is against its rules. If you are caught doing this, then Adsense has the right to close your account. But when there is a solution, in my view you will never make such a mistake.

If you have more than one blog, you can apply adsense ads to all your blogs using the same adsense. Just for this you have to verify all the blogs in your adsense. You will get this option in my adsense account in my site.

So you should not make such a mistake and place your ads only on the blogs on which the adsense is verified and take special care that you never share your ad code with anyone. 

Many people share their publisher ID on a site like facebook which is not correct at all. 

Having more than one adsense is also against the policy of adsense, but until you do not see it, then you are safe.

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# 5 Use AdSense only if you have good traffic

You can earn money from adsense or any advertiser company only when you have good traffic. Without traffic, you will show your ads to whom and who will click, and you cannot make money until there are clicks. So the first target you should keep is that you have a lot of traffic so that you can get your income.

The meaning of creating a blog is that you should have traffic and if there is less traffic then adsense also does not get verified and if it happens then it gets disapprove very soon.
Friends, if your adsense has also been approve on low traffic then it is good but now instead of thinking about earning money from adsense, you should focus on your traffic.

# 6 Copyed Content is not liked by AdSense at all

If copied, nobody likes adsense, so why are you taking such risk? Look! Blogging can also be done only if you have knowledge about your topic and if you have knowledge about your topic then why would you do it?

I think you will not copy! And if you are thinking of doing this then it is very wrong thing. It is really a bad thing to copy something written by someone's hard work.

and yes ! If you are thinking that you will earn money by copying someone's content, you think completely wrong. If someone's copied content comes in line with adsense, then there will be trouble. The second thing is that if you copy someone's content, then you cannot get ahead of it because the thing you are copying is already on google and rank will be better than you, so you are not going to get any benefit.

By copying someone's content, you cannot blogging for long. Therefore, if your adsense account is approved, then remove the idea of ​​copying from your mind.

No matter how you write according to yourself. It is possible that you will know more about it in the coming times, but if the content that has been copied is visible to your visitors, then understand that it will never come again on your blog and the visitor does not mean that you Will become unsuccessful.

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# 7 Don't change theme repeatedly

There are new bloggers, they are most concerned about the theme and if you are also new, then I can say with the claim that you must also change the theme at least 5-6 times. This has happened to me also in the beginning, so I am saying this.

It doesn't matter when we are new, but now you never do that! If you have successfully approved adsense, then you should never think of changing the theme.

How to Get Google Adsense Approval

When we apply adsense ads, we paste the ad code in the theme itself or with the help of a plugin, and when we change the theme, then all the code and design of the blog is deleted, so that your adsense income Decreases.

One disadvantage of changing the theme again and again is that it also confuses your visitors, which causes the most loss of traffic to your blog. I always say that even if there is loss of income in adsense, there should never be loss of my visitors because if the visitors remain, then everything else will be correct by itself.

# 8 Do not worry if your earning is low

Before earning money from adsense, take it well in your mind that the income from your adsense will be only when the advertiser will give money to google and when they do not pay, then google will not give us money. google is not going to give you money from your home.

If your income is decreasing, then never worry and leave everything on google, but keep in mind that if your income is reduced suddenly, then check your traffic. If your traffic is right then don't worry.

If the publisher will give more money to google then google will pay us more or else you are not going to get anything.

# 9 Must Experiment in AdSense

Your adsense account has option with experiment name. I will strongly recommanded that you must use it. By keeping experimenting in adsense, we get the benefit in our income.
When there is a new user, he does not know what is the place of placing the right ads in my blog and which ads should I use so that my income increases, then to answer these questions you have to place your ads repeatedly Has to be changed in different ways.

If you place ads in your blog by looking at the ads placed by someone else, then it is not necessary that you get the same result that you get, so it is important that you should keep making necessary changes in your blog and adsense account.

Nobody knows better about what cpc you get and what your ctr is, so instead of looking at others, try them out by experimenting yourself so that you know exactly what is right.

# 10 Do not change your bank account frequently

Your address and bank account is one of the most important for you, so you should not change your address and your bank frequently.

The best thing is that once you have mapped your account number in adsense, then you should not use that account number in any other adsense.

Even if you change your account number repeatedly, it is possible that adsense can give you invailid activity and close your account. I do not think that once the account number is set correctly, there is a need to change the usage.

Apart from this, your address adsense has already been verified, so now you have nothing to do with that and what is your address neither does it matter to adsense nor you.

Therefore, do not disturb yourself by doing such acts repeatedly and use only one bank account.

# 11 Ad Unit Keep Changing

You can use an ad Uni to win the place, there is no problem. Therefore, according to me, you should make an ad unit and use it everywhere. But if you want to use ads other than a link ads, then you have to create ad units again.

I use only 3 ad units, so my adsense account does not have much ads unit, so it becomes easy for me and I know how much space I have used these ads units. But if you are on blogger then you should keep changing the ads unit.

If you are on blogger, then you cannot use any plugin, therefore you have to apply adsense ads to your theme. And if you give that theme to someone else, then your ad units also go along with it, so to desable those ad units, you should close the ad units of your adsense.

After deleting a unit, you create an ad unit again and place it on your blog.

# 12 Do not use any other Ad Network

Apart from adsense, there are many ad networks, some of which are trusted and some do not pay, but adsense never does this. That's why adsense never likes that someone can show the ad of another company along with its ad. So you should never use any other network with adsense.

Yes, it is not even sure that by using any other ad network, your adsense account will be closed, but as far as my question I never use any other network. The biggest reason for this is that no one pays as much money as adsense does.

So if you also want to earn money online, adsense is the same and there is no need to use any other ad network. I think you would never want to do this.

We hope that you would have liked my post today "What is google adsense and how to use google adsense", you should not forget to share this post with your friends on your social media.

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