Different type of tempered glass screen protector

Different type of tempered glass screen protector

You will also be a smartphone user. And if you are a smartphone user. So you must have used Temper Glass at some time. Or maybe you are still using Temper glass in your smartphone.

But have you ever wondered what the 9D, 8H or 9B is all about while writing that temper glass. And this is what we are going to tell you today. In this article, I will tell you the complete information of temper glass.

Hello friends, all of you are very welcome in our new article on our official website. And today's topic is going to be very interesting. Because in this post today, I will tell you the complete information of Temper Glass in Hindi and with complete details.

Today, there will be no person who will not be smartphone users. And there will be no people who have not installed temper glass in their smartphone. Because everyone wants to protect their phone from being damaged.

And in such a situation, the best way is to put it on the Temper Glass Screen, to protect your phone from breaking the screen after it falls. Because whenever you smartphone accidentally falls, instead of breaking the screen of that smartphone, your phone's temper glass saves it.

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And if it falls too hard. At most, your temper glass explodes. And your mobile screen keeps it completely Safty.

Type Of Temper Glass

But while applying Temper glass, you must have seen that there is something written on it of Coding type. But you would not understand anything about it.

Because you do not have information about that Coding of Temper glass. Therefore, keep reading this article till the last. I am going to share with you all about Screen Glass.

Type Of Temper glass

This is the temper glass you see on your smartphone. They are normally 2 types. Which we know as Snapdragon and Gorilla Glass. All these glasses are made of Normally 2 types.
One from Glass and one from Plastic. But more people want to install and install Glass Protection glass in their Smartphone. Because when people come to Scretch, they are able to clean and look well.

But once the Scretch arrives in the Plastic Protection Glass, the screen does not look good. And for this reason people prefer to install temper glass with glass.

What does Coding mean in Temper Glass.

Friends, many of you understand the meaning of 9H as mohs Hardness. Now you must be wondering what is this Mohs Hardness, man. So I want to tell you that you must have heard the name of Friedric Mohs in the chapter of Physics at some time.

This is the same person who deserved Hardness Of Minral in 10 Level. But these people who think about it are wrong Bilkul. Now you may be wondering what does 9H mean then.
So this means Hardness of Pencil. That means if rubbing with 9H Pencil on it. So this temper glass is not going to happen. If you understand in simple language, 9H Temper glass means that the temper glass has passed through 9H Pencil Experiment.

Scratch as much as you can with a 9H pencil. No Scretch is going to come on it. And the 9H type of pencil is very stilted. So now you must be thinking that 9H means Hardness of Pencil. Then what does 9D or 10D mean or what does 11D mean.

Well, all the mobiles that used to come in the market earlier were of the shape of 2D Temper glass. That means earlier Smartphones had a 2D type of Shape. And that used to be 2D Temper glass. His corner was completely Rectangle shape. And its Temper Glass Corner would have been quite sharp due to which the people had some problem.

But technology grew. And there were new Smartphones in the market. Accordingly, Temper Glass companies also upgraded their systems and removed 2.5D Shape Temper Glass in the market. Whose Shape and Corner both looked cool. And used to put 4 moons in the look of the smartphone.

Type Of Temper Glass

A few days later, some smartphone company in the market removed the side of their phone in 3D along with their Corner. Which is the first such brand Samsung company had launched in the market. And people liked him very much.

But there was no temper glass to put it on. Then the Temper Glass Company launched the 3D Temper Glass. Whose Corner as well as his Side were also cut. And the 3D phone was fully setup.

And the same new smartphone is coming in the market. And companies with Temper Glass are also upgrading their glass. And today they have launched till 11D in the temper glass market. And people are using it too much.

Conclusion - So friends, now you have got all the information about Temper glass. If you need temper glass and more information. So you comment down. We will explain it in more details to you.

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