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These 10 whatsapp new features in 2019

These 10 whatsapp new features in 2019

whatsapp new features

In today's post, we will talk about 10 new features coming on the popular messaging app WhatsApp. Yes 10-11 new great features are coming in WhatsApp, in this post we will tell you everything about them. This post will always be updated and we will keep including WhatsApp latest new features in it. 10 WhatsApp Upcoming Features in 2019.

WhatsApp is one in every of the foremost used electronic communication apps within the world. New features are coming in WhatsApp every day and the features are eagerly waiting for it.

Currently, the company is testing new update 2.19.110, many new features have been added to it. Recently, a feature was added to WhatsApp to send 30 audio files simultaneously.

Let us now tell you about 10-11 Upcoming Features of WhatsApp, which are going to be introduced in the new update. Latest new features of whatsapp.

whatsapp new features 2019

After trying WhatsApp new features, you can surprise them by telling your friends about them. Whatsapp Upcoming features.

1. WhatsApp Lock

WhatsApp protection feature is obtainable for iPhone users straight away, but soon this feature will also be available for Android users.

The WhatsApp company was testing it for golem users in two.19.83 version.

Meaning you will be able to lock WhatsApp with fingerprint or face ID. So that only you can use your WhatsApp. You will also be able to set time in it.

2. Screenshot Block

Whatsapp company is developing a feature that may improve the protection and privacy of users. This feature called screenshot block is currently in process, it will take some time to arrive.

This will eliminate problems of misuse of WhatsApp by taking screenshots of others. Users who are chatting after calling this feature will not be able to take a screenshot of the brother.

3. WhatsApp Forward

WhatsApp is working to improve the forward tag. Forwarded appears above the message forwarded in the app.

Through which users can understand that this message has been forwarded. After this update, users will also be able to see how many messages have been forwarded. 

A message forwarded more than 4 times will appear with the word "Forwardly" written on it.

4. Sending Audio Files

WhatsApp has launched this feature shortly before. According to that the user will currently send thirty audio files at the same time.

Earlier only one audio file could be sent at a time. Now the user will send over thirty files at the same time and additionally hear them.

5. Dark Mode

WhatsApp users ar thirstily anticipating this feature, because users have a lot of eye trouble when using WhatsApp at night or in the dark.

That is why WhatsApp company is going to run a new feature with night mode to eliminate the hassles caused by the mobile screen brightness of its users.

6. Auto-play Voice Message

After the introduction of WhatsApp's autoplay voice message feature, users will not have to play voice notes again and again. The voice message will play automatically.

After the completion of one voice message, the other voice message will automatically start. For this, the user will not have to do anything manually.

whatsapp new features

7. PIP Mode

The WhatsApp company launched PIP mode solely last year. Now soon this company is about to launch another version of PIP i.e. Picture in Picture mode.

After this feature, the video of different platforms can play on WhatsApp itself. Meaning, you will no longer need to go to the YouTube app to upload YouTube videos to WhatsApp.

8. In app browser

According to information received from the internet, WhatsApp can also include the feature of these app browsers in the new update. It is also like PIP mode.

Because in this, users will not have to go to the internet browser to open a link, the link will open in the WhatsApp window itself. Also, this feature will also tell whether the website opened is correct or not.

9. Image Search

WhatsApp is close to launch a replacement feature of image search to curb faux news. Under which, if any image in the chat is found suspicious by the user, then he can search and see that picture in the app itself.

This will reveal the reality of that photo. Currently, the user has to search the Google by downloading the image from WhatsApp.

10. Animated Stickers

Animated stickers have additionally been seen within the testing version of WhatsApp. It is somewhat sort of a GIF file however it's utterly completely different.

The animated stickers will be similar to the ones already present in the app, but new stickers will be seen moving. Apart from this, WhatsApp may also add official emoji.

11. Archiving Chats

Archiving chat is used in WhatsApp to hide chats. Currently, if a new message comes in a chat, then that chat is automatically removed from the archive chat.

WhatsApp is working on fixing it. After the introduction of the new feature, the user's archive chat message will not appear in the man chat message list. The user can archive or archive the message on his own.


In this post, we have told about the new upcoming 10-11 features of WhatsApp. The information will be included in this post about all the updates that will come in WhatsApp in the coming time and all the new features that will come in it.

That is why I request all of you that you can check this post again when the WhatsApp update arrives in the coming time, here you will again get information about all the new features.

For now I hope you have liked the information given in this post and now you will get to know about all the new features of WhatsApp.

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