Top 10 Keyword everywhere Alternetive Tools

Top 10 Keyword everywhere Alternetive Tools

What is Keyword everywhere- Keyword everywhere? Why should Keyword everywhere be used? What are the benefits of doing Keyword Research? What are Free Keyword everywhere Tools? What are the types of keywords? We will talk about all these topics in Detail in this article.

Top 10 Keyword everywhere Alternetive Tools

Hello friends, my name is Imran Khan and in today's article we will talk about Keyword everywhere Tools because we need keywords to increase traffic on any website or web page. Through which we can do Through Traffic Increase of Search Engine on our website.

What is Keyword Everywhere?

Keyword everywhere is a type of online tool through which we collect information about keywords to be searched on the Internet. So that we can get information about that keyword, how many people search for that keyword and find the topic by using which kind of words, so that we get the right keywords for our website and article.

Why should you use Keyword everywhere Tools?

By using Google Keywrod Planner Tools, we get to know about the Density, CPC and Competition of any Keyword. With which we can find such keywords for our article, which have less completion and more traffic, so that we can increase the traffic on our blog or website by using that keyword.

What are the benefits of doing Keyword Research?

We have the advantages of Different Type by doing Keyword Research-

01- Density of any Keyword can be detected.
02- People search through that keyword on the Internet.
03- How much is the competition on that Keyword.
04- What is the CPC of Keyword.
05- Who are the alternative keywords?
06- Which Keyword Will Be Best For Us, etc.

We get information about all these things from Keyword Research. Which we can take advantage of on our Blog Article.

What are the types of keywords?

There are two types of keywords -

01- Generic Keyword- Generic Keywords are also called Single Keyword. In such a Keyword, only one Word is taken. Which we can use in our article.

For Example: Title "Top 10 Free Google Keyword Planner Tools Hindi Blogger Ke Liye" Now if we look at the Single Keyword on this topic, "Google" is a Single Word.
In this way, you can use any single Word as a Keyword.

02- Long Tail Keywords- Long Tail Keyword is those keywords in which multiple words are used.

For example- Title is "Top 10 Free Google Keyword Planner Tools Hindi Blogger Ke Liye" Now if we see Multiple Keyword in this article then "Free Google Keyword Planner Tools" which becomes Long Tail Keyword because Multiple Words inside this Keyword Has been used.

Top 10 Keyword everywhere Alternetive Tools

01- Google Adword Keyword Planner Tools

Google Adword Keyword Planner Tools is a free tool provided by Goolge. With which you can get complete information about any topic or Word in Free.

Because Goolge Adword Keyword Planner Tools is a tool provided by Google, so their results are also according to Google.

Along with this, the best thing about Google Adword Keyword Planner Tools is that with this tools you can do Keyword Research from both Keyword Idea and Group Idea.

02- Google Suggest

Google Suggest can be used as the best Keyword Planner Tool. When we search for a topic on Google, then Google suggests some words to us. As you can see in the image below.
We can also call these suggested words as high CPC keywords because the most searches are done on these keywords only.

Along with this, there is an advantage of finding keywords from Google Suggest that you get to know what kind of words people use in starting to search for that topic.

In this way you can also collect information about the title with keywords.

03- Google Trend

Google Trends is a tool provided by Google where you get information about the latest Topic and Most Searchable Keywords.

It is very important to have information of Trending Topics for blogging, because when you create articles on Trending Topics, then your blog gets a lot of traffic through Search Engine. Which is very important for blog success.

04- KW Finder

KW Finder is a Paid Keyword Planner Tool, but you can also use the KW Finder Tool for free. Which gives you the facility to find 2 keywords in a day.

In this way you can remove all the information about a Keyword. KW Finder is a very good tool for Blogger and Hindi Bloggers and with this you can easily find keywords for Hindi Blog as well.


05- Keyword Tool. Io is a free Keyword Planner tool with which you can find keywords to be searched on large search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

In addition, you can find keywords for Hindi, English and many other languages. With which you can easily find the best keyword for your latest articles.

06- Semrush Keyword Planner Tool

Semrush Keyword Planner Tool is a very good Keyword Planner Tools from which you can collect all the important information about any Keyword.

Semrush was created from the point of view of SEO, so on Semrush you get different kind of ficility. Because in this article, we are talking about Keyword Planner Tools, so we will only talk about Keyword Research.

You can extract information about Density, Competition and CPC of any Keyword from Semrush Keyword Planner Tools. The Semrush Keyword Planner Tool is a Paid Tool but you can use it as a Trail for 14 days. With which you get 14 Day Limit and you can do keywords research in 14 days for free.

07- Ahrefs Keyword Planner Tools

Ahrefs Keyword Planner Tool is not a free tool but you can use this tool for 7 days for $ 7. Ahrefs Tool is the most powerful tool for Keyword Research, which gives you complete information about Keyword.

On the Ahrefs Keyword Planner Tool, you can easily get information about Keyword Density, Search Volume, Return Rates, Clicks and Global Volume, so that you can find a Perfect Keyword for your article.

08- Wordstream

WordStream works like Google Adword Keyword Planner Tools, so you get all the important information related to Keyword.

This is a free Keyword Planner tool, so that you can do keyword research in Free.

09- SEO Chat Suggestion

SEO Chat Suggest is a very good tool for Keyword Research and it is absolutely free. With the help of this tool, you can find Keyword and Alternative Keywords. Through which you can know which keywords are being searched through that topic on the Internet.

10- Wordtracker

With the Wordtracker Keyword Planner Tool, you can extract information about any Word (Keyword). The best thing about this tool is that you can collect information about Monthly Searches of any Keyword.

With which you get to know how much search is done per month on the topic or keyword on which you want to create an article (content).

In Conclusion

With which you get the idea that on which keyword you should write your article and which keywords you should use in alternative keywords.

When you work on an article after doing Keyword Research, then you get a lot of profit from both your article and website.

After reading this article of I Hope, you will be able to find the best keywords for your articles using Free Keyword Planner Tools. Along with this, if you have any other question related to Blogging, then you must tell us in the Comment box, we will try to help you soon Thank You for Reading this Article Keep Visiting.

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