How to operate Smartphone without Touch

How to operate Smartphone without Touch

Every second something new will be seen on the Internet. One such new application has come on the Internet. With the help of which you can install that application in any phone and use that Smartphone easily without touching it. And we will tell you about this in this article in full details.
How to operate Smartphone without Touch

Hello friends, you all are very welcome on our official blog. Our article today is very funny. And this article is also very helpful for you people. Because in this article I am going to tell you about your Smartphone. Today I will teach you how you can use any phone easily without touching it.

Till now you have seen such systems in Hollywood movies or Sci-fication Movie. But now you can use all those methods in your smartphone, also with the help of just one application.

How to speak and run Smartphones without touching them?

What requirement will be required for this? ==>

There must also be a question in the minds of many people that all the things we have to run without having to touch the phone. So below I am going to tell you about all those things. For this you need a Smartphone, (whose speaker should be perfectly good), Internet connection, a third party application.

  • ·       Smartphone (Speaker well managed)
  • ·       Internet Connection
  • ·       Phone Storage (Storage to download and install the application)
  • ·       Third party application (which I will tell you below)

So all these things are definitely going to happen for you to adopt the tricks of this article. Meaning if you also want to run the phone without touching it. So you should have all the systems mentioned above.

How to operate Smartphone without Touch

How To Operate a Smartphone Without Touching?

==> This method will work only by an application named Voice Access. This application is a part of Google itself. It means to say that such as Google map, Google drive and many other applications that he has created, one of the same is Voice Access. Normally all Smartphon have these features in their settings.

But those who do not know are not able to access it. And if these features are not present in anyone's settings. They can install and use Voice Access in their phones. Man all of this information is explained to you step by step below. Read the steps mentioned below carefully. And follow the steps well.

Now Follow These Steps: -

STEP1: - First of all, you have Internet Connection On on your mobile. And enter in Play store application.

STEP2: - Then search for an application called Voice Access. Download the phone and install it on your phone.

STEP3: - Open it as soon as it is installed. As soon as you open it, you will get the option of Allow and Disallow to access it. Click on Allow in it. Then you will find it in the Accesslerity of Setting. At the same time, you will see an application called Voice Access. Go to it and give it the Permission On Voice Access application. And then try back.

STEP4: - After coming back you will get Permission Required. Allow it too.

STEP5: - After allowing again, the option of Next will come down. Click on it 5 times next. Unless you try Dashboard.

STEP6: - After doing this, a popup window will come on your mobile screen. As soon as we click on it. You will become a number on the mobile screen. And at the same time all the parts will die. Whatever number you will say. That application will be turned on automatically.

And thus you want to open any application that you have to open. Speak as much as the number written on that application. And it will open automatically. And you can access your Smartphone in this way without putting your hands.

How to operate Smartphone without Touch

Conclusion - Friends, you must have known by now. How to use a smartphone without touching it. And if you are facing any problem in using this method, then you can comment below.

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