How To Make Slideshow

How To Make Slideshow

Photo Slideshow is a very best way to make your captures more exciting. You do not need any special Editing Knowledge to create Slideshow.

How To Make Slideshow

Nowadays there are many Paid Softwares in the market with which you can create an Attractive Slideshow. In this regard, today we will give you "Top 8 Ways To Make An Attractive Slide Show Without Using Any Software."

Actually, we are going to tell you about some of the Best Sites by which you can import your clips and photos and choose a good theme to make a Best One SlideShow.
8 Best Free Online Slideshow Maker Websites

### 1. Ezvid Wikimaker :: This is a Best Online Video Editing and SlideShow making tool, so that you can easily make a good video. In this, you also get Built-In Images and Videos which you do not find in other Video Makere.

With this you can do Text Based Video Editing. If you want to use this Video Editor, then for this you must have High Speed ​​Internet Connection and Chrome Browser in your PC.

First of all open Chrome Browser and go to and sign up for a free account.

After that you will have to Verify your Email Address by filling details. After completing Verification, you will come to Landing Page. Now you can create the same option as you want to make a video from here.

###2. Kizoa :: This is a Free Online SlideShow Maker and a PowerFul Video Editor. With this you can do SlideShow Making and Video Editing as well as you can create COLLAGES & ECARDS.

Just importing Photos and Videos, you have to choose a good template and then your ECARD will be created. You can also share your ECARD on social media.

Apart from Video Editing, Kizoa also gives you Cloud Services in which you get 1GB of free storage. But if you want more than 1GB of storage, then you will have to spend some money.

### 3. Google Slides :: Google Slides is also a good option to create Online Slideshow. This is a free service from Google, from which you can create Effective SlideShow and Presentations.

In Google Slides you get many features like Presentation Themes, more than 100 Fonts, embedded videos, animations, all in free.

### 4.Smile Box :: SmileBox is a completely new way with which you can easily create SlideShow, Collage, Cards, Greetings. You get a collection of more than 1000 Pre Designed Themes from almost every Occasions in it.

Its interface is quite good and in this you get Templates in Wide Range. Sharing SlideShow made by it is quite easy.

However, there is a problem in this and that is that in order to do that for most templates you have to take Premium Membership.

### 5. Photo Peach :: This is also a Best SlideShow Maker on its own. You can make a nice SlideShow using it in just 3 steps. First of all you have to do free sign up.

After signing up, you will come to the home page. Now you have to import your photos, after that choose a good theme and music. Now your SlideShow has been created.

Its user interface is so easy that even a Novice could easily create an Attractive SlideShow. This tool is suitable only for Novices as you do not get Advanced and Professional Features.

### 6. AniMoto Animoto Video Creator :: is a very good SlideShow Maker tool, this tool has been listed on many Famous Sites. By the way, this tool is Premium but because it offers you Free Trial, so we have listed it here.

With this you can also create marketing videos with SlideShow. You can make an Attractive SlideShow Video from it in just 3 steps. Just you have to choose a theme, after that you have to import images and videos. Shortly after that your video will be ready.

Its User InterFace is quite good. You get a lot of example videos here, from which you can take Idea for your video. However, if you take its Premium Membership, then you also get many Marketing Videos Themes.

How To Make Photo Slideshow Video

### 7. Pholody :: This is a very fast, video and portable SlideShow Maker tool using which you can create a great SlideShow Video. SlideShow created by it is PlayAble on almost all devices.

How To Make Slideshow

After creating SlideShow, you can download it in MP4 file and share it anywhere. Its User InterFace is very good and you get a lot of Editing Tools in it. However, if you use Free Membership, then WaterMark will come on your videos.

### 8. PicoVico :: This is a free online Slideshow Video Maker Tool, you can convert your photos into Stylish Videos by using it. You can make videos by uploading images directly from your computer or your Facebook account.

People who want to make Online SlideShow Video by themselves whether it is business related or personal, they have a lot of options online.

But if you want to create SlideShow using Free Tools, then this guide will prove very useful for you. Each of these tools has its own features but all the tools are making SlideShow.

However if you want to create some professional Slideshow then Animoto Video Creator will prove to be the best tool for you.

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