How to Install Theme on WordPress

How to Install Theme on WordPress

We all know that Blogger and WordPress are the two most popular platforms for blogging and most people prefer to create a blog on these platforms. 
How to Install Theme on WordPress

Now in such a situation when you create a blog on WordPress, the first thing you have to do is to look at your blog's look so that your blog can look good and also on all platforms like (Computer, Laptop, Mobile, Tablet) etc. Blog looks good and people can easily read the information you share.

For this work you have to pay attention to some important things like: -

  • Important belongings you got to check to put in any Theme on WordPress journal The theme you wish to feature to your journal ought to be responsive.
  • Theme should be related to your topic.
  • There should not be much bigger images on the front page of your Theme.
  • Theme's background should be simple or white.
  • Your Theme should have the necessary menu options like (Top Header Menu, Main Menu, Footer and Sidebar) so that you can navigate well on your blog.
Do not use Crack Theme on WordPress Blog.

Try to use the Theme provided by WordPress on your blog or use it only by purchasing a Theme.

How to Install Theme on WordPress

There are many ways to install or add any theme on WordPress, but two of them are the most popular and useful, which we are telling you about in this article.

How to Search and Install Theme on WordPress

The first way is to find a theme on WordPress itself and install it and add it to your blog. This is the easiest way to do this, you have to follow the steps given below.

Step 01: Login into your WordPress Dashboard

First of all, you have to login your WordPress Dashboard. For which you first press Inter on the Search Engine by adding your blog's URL and next to it (/ wp-admin).

Such as: ( After this you will have a Word Open Page in front of you where you have to login by entering your Login Id and Password.

Step 02: Go to Appearance Section

To do anything related to the theme on WordPress, you have to go to the Appearance Section which is given in the Left Sidebar on the Dashboard.

After clicking on the choice of look, you have to click on the option of "Themes".

Step 03: Add New

After clicking on Add New option, you will have a New Page Open in front of you where you get lots of themes and options.

With those options, you can also see (Popular, Latest, Favorites) Theme on WordPress and install them.

In addition, if you know the name of the Theme, then you are also given a Search Box where you can Direct Find any Theme.

Step 04: Install

Now any theme that you like, you can install that theme by clicking on the Install Button given on that theme, and after the installation is complete, you can click on that Theme on the "Active" Button and click on your Blog. Can be activated on.

By which that theme gets added to your blog.

How to Install External Theme on WordPress Blog

How to Install Theme on WordPress

Now suppose you download a WordPress Theme from another website and want to add it to your blog,


Then you have to follow the steps given below-

Step 01: Login your Dashboard

First you login to your WordPress Dashboard.

Step 02: Go to Appearance Section

Now you have got to click on the looks Section given within the Left Sidebar.

Step 03: Add New Theme

Since you have to add a new theme, so you click on the button of Add New.

Step 04: Upload Theme

Now upload the WordPress Theme you want to install on your blog by clicking on the Button of the Upload Theme.

Note: This is a Zip file that you do not have to extract first.

Step 05: Install Theme

Now you will have an Option Show of Install Theme on which you can install that Theme by clicking. When that Theme is uploaded to your Dashboard, you can click on the Button of Active and add that Theme to your Blog.


In this approach, you'll be able to add any theme to your WordPress, so your journal can become a Responsive and enticing journal. Now if you have any other question related to how to install Theme on WordPress, then you can ask us in the Comment Box.

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