How to increase website loading speed

How to increase website loading speed

Friends, do you know that your website loading speed affects your search engine? According to Matt Cuts, more than 200 Signals work to rank our website.

How to increase website loading speed

Generally, for better User Experience and Good Results your website should be less than Loading Speed ​​3 Seconds, So Friends, today we have brought some Easy Tips and Tricks in Technology Tips Abhay which will help in loading your website within 3 Seconds.

If you also have a blog and you are ignoring the loading speed of your blog / website, then be alert, it will completely end your dream of getting traffic.

Yes! Welcome to your technology tips Abhay site! Today our article is for those website owners or bloggers whose website is available on the internet! Friends, if you also have a website, then in this article you will get important information related to the loading speed of the website! Which is very important for your website.

Friends often run their website keeping in mind all the things required for the new Blogger Website! But they ignore the speed of the website, which is one of the major mistakes made in maintaining the website.

So let us understand the importance of Website Loading by example! Suppose you did a Keyword search on Google and you click on the website that is ranked on that Keyword! So if that website takes more time of loading then you leave it and go to another site! Now on that first website, not only will the traffic be lower but its bounce rate will also be higher.

So friends, here we are going to share with you some effective ways to increase the loading speed of the website! Which will prove helpful in increasing the speed of your website, so friends, let us know without delay.

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10 Ways to Speed Up Your Website – and Improve Search Engine Ranking or Increase Website speed WordPress plugin

But can you tell how your website can be loaded in less than 1 second for a good User Experience and Ranking.

Don't Worry In this article we are telling you some Secrets to reduce your Page Load Time to 1 Second and I can say with full confidence that no one will tell you this Page Loading Time Decreasing Tips and Tricks

Actually, by following these steps given below, I have brought my Website Loading Time to 1 Second, hope that these tips will help your website to load faster in less than 1 Second.

1. Use WP Rocket WordPress Plugin: Wp Rocket is a Premium WordPress Cache Plugin but it is not free, you have to pay for it. There are three different plans under this - Personal, Business and Professional. For Personal Plan we have to pay $ 39 for 1 year.

How to increase website speed

Let's know about some of its important features that you will not find in any other Cache Plugins.

  • ·       It Has Very Simple and Quick Setup
  • ·       It Supporting Page Caching
  • ·       It has Cache Preloading Feature
  • ·       GZIP Compression
  • ·       Automatic Browser Caching
  • ·       Google Fonts Optimization Feature
  • ·       It Lets You Lazyload your Blog’s Media
  • ·       Image Optimization
  • ·       Cloudflare Compatibility
  • ·       Minification / Concatenation
  • ·       Defer js loading
  • ·       Lets you Easily add CDN
  • ·       Mobile Detection
  • ·       Multisite Compatibility
  • ·       E-commerce Friendly
  • ·       Developer friendly
  • ·       And Many More Features Included in Its Package.

So, Friends, this is really a great list of features as compared to other cache plugin and I always keep trying new new popular Cache Plugins for my WordPress website, but this plugin is the best plugin out of all those plugins.

After activating WP Rocket Plugin in your WordPress website, check your website loading speed. And I am sure that you will be very happy with this improvement in your website.

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Tips to Make Your Websites Load Faster

###2. Use A CDN Like MaxCDN or Cloudfare :: Friends We all know that CDN website is very helpful in increasing the loading speed, but using CDN will be quite different from WP Rocket Plugin as it provides different experience. Really this reduces the loading time of your website to a great extent.

According to me MaxCDN and Cloudfare are two Bahrain CDN Providers. Which I recommend you and I am currently using CoudFare in my website. If we talk about WP Rocket Plugin, then CloudFare Settings Option has been given in it, like this, CloudFare is another good free option to increase your website speed.

So, My Friends, you should use CloudFlare CDN along with WP Rocket Plugin in your website. Which is able to load your website at a very fast speed. With which you can reduce the loading time of your website by less than 1 Seconds.

Some other tips to Decrease your Page Load Time.

Friends, through these few tips, you can reduce the loading time of your website.

  • ·       Use GZIP Compression to reduce file size. (WP Rocket has this feature)
  • ·       Minify Javascript and CSS
  • ·       Enhance the pictures you transfer on your site
  • ·       Improving confuse browser with too many redirects
  • ·       Choose good hosting provide (I recommend AGMWebhosting)
  • ·       Delete and stop spam comments
  • ·       Clean up your Database
  • ·       Display Only The Excerpt on the homepage
  • ·       Remove Post Drafts and revisions

8 effective ways to increase website loading speed!

### 3 Image Optimization - Friends, using that image in any blog post is considered as User Friendly! And there must be some images in the blog post from Seo's perspective too! And you too will often add 1, two or 4-5 images (Screenshot) to your blog post.
But what happens? Often when we download images from blog posts / add screenshots! Due to the high quality, the size of that image sometimes reaches Mb! So that web page takes a lot of time to load.

So if you still used to do the same! So stop doing this from today! Because of the use of more file size image, it slows down the loading speed of the site.

So now you are thinking that if I add compressed ie low quality pic to the blog post then it will not be right for the users! I absolutely agree with you! But today there are many such apps or software and web pages in the market, with the help of which you can reduce the size of your photo by almost 70% without loosening the quality of your image.

Yes, one such image optimization tool is "RIot"! Using which you can compress your images in high quality!

How to increase website loading speed

How to reduce loading time of wordpress blog?

### 4 Choose Right Hostingg For Your Blog - Most bloggers use Shared Hosting for their website, but as the traffic in your site increases. Blogger requires VPS hosting.

But many bloggers use Shared hosting because it is cheap! But it has limited resources, due to which the loading time in their site is more.

So to avoid this, as soon as you feel that your traffic is increasing day by day, then you should choose the right hosting at the same time.

### 5 Fast Loading theme - Friends, having a right theme is very important for your blog website! That is, Theme Seo Friendly, User Friendly, Mobile should be Responsive! Along with that it should be fast loading.

There are many websites on the Internet from where you can use free or Paid Theme to setup the right theme on your blog.

### 6 limited Plugins - If your website is on the WordPress platform, then you will know that there are thousands of plugins on WordPress that can make your website Attractive and Vistor Friendly! But do you know that using more plugins on your site slows down the loading speed of your website.

So use at least plugin’s to keep your loading speed fast & improve! That is, install only the necessary plugins in your site.

### 7 Remove Background Image - Friends you must have seen many websites! You will see the image in the background on the website homepage or blog post. But this makes your site attractive for visitors but it puts more load on Bandwidth, and slows down the speed of your site!

So if you also use background image to make your blog beautiful! So remove the background image today which will help to increase the speed of your side.

How to Increase Blog Traffic

### 8 Update WordPress site - Friends, the way you update your phone's operating system or App, so that your system can work better! Similarly, from time to time, WordPress keeps bringing new updates to improve the Securitu and Performance of your site.

Therefore, it is important to keep your website updated according to the time! Also, always install the new version of WordPress on your site.

### 9 Less Data On Homepage - Friends, if you set many Contents and images on the Home page of your Site without optimizing it, your loading speed can be slow! And it is possible that during Slow internet connection your site may not even load completely!
To avoid this, you can limit the posts displayed on the homepage! Also an advantage of this is that the user can find the information he wants to find in your site through Cateogries.

### 10 Place Ads on Right Side - Ads have a huge role in earning from friends website and if you also use Adsense or any other ad network on your site, then to increase the loading speed of the site. But you have to understand one thing!

Don't put too much of ads on your site! And also setup Ads at the right place! Which will mean that your User Experience will be better as well as the loading speed of your site will also be correct. Because too many ads can spoil the loading speed of your site.

So friends, these were some simple tips that you can follow to improve your side loading speed, apart from this there are technical factors too, which help to improve the loading speed of your website.

Hopefully, the information given in this article today will prove beneficial for you! If you have any kind of question, then you can ask us through comment.

Hello friends, how did you like our post, tell us in the comment box below, if you liked our post, then you must share it on social media.

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