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How To Increase internet Speed

How To Increase internet Speed

Have you ever faced the difficulties of internet speed in downloading or uploading files and folders of any video, image, audio or text materials on your computer or laptop?

How To Increase internet Speed

If you take a lot of time in your Computer for Downloading, Browsing, Netsurffing, File Sending, Blogging or Image Upload, then assume that the Internet used in your system is very slow,

Slow working of the Internet is a common problem for a computer user and due to this, a user has to face a lot of trouble while performing Internet related tasks. Due to this, apart from the waste of money and time, working on the Internet also becomes boring.


By the way, increasing the speed of Internet is not a difficult task, but before knowing how to increase your Internet Speed, we should also know about some basics, first thing you should never go to the breathtaking advertisements of Internet companies, because The GBPS speed they promise is correct only in theory.

It is different that Internet speed is very fast in some developed countries and it is not easy to match them. In today's post, we will tell you about some tips and tricks to increase the speed of Internet, with the help of which you will be able to increase your Internet speed.

How To Increase Internet Speed ​​On Computer

### 1. Speed ​​of Internet is greatly affected due to Virus in Regular Virus Scaning :: System. Not only this, the safety of your sensitive data also comes under threat, there is a risk of many types of Fraud and Cyb er Crime.

So it is important to install a good Antivirus in your computer and regularly scan your computer or laptop, this software automatically scans your system with Virus and takes care of its safety.

Apart from this, download separate tools of Anti-Malware, Adware, Spyware in your system, because they are not scanned by your Antivirus because it is very powerful and dangerous program which slows the speed of your Internet very much.

###2 . Check Running Program :: When many programs are running simultaneously on your system, due to this the speed of the Internet is often slowed.

For this, the programs that are running on your computer should be checked and the programs which are not working should be removed.


### 3. Check ISP Limit :: Internet Service Provider (ISP) companies set a cap on the use of data i.e. upper limit under their business strategy, if a user still uses Internet services after that period then in this case Internet never works fast.

Because with the facility of unlimited data availability in the Monthly Balance of the Internet, Internet becomes automaticly slow and then increasing the Internet Speed ​​in this condition is not easy.

How to increase Internet Speed ​​of Computer Laptop

### 4. When you install too many toolbars for Remove Unused Toolbar :: Browser, it also causes Internet Speed ​​Slow. It would be better to remove all these Access Toolbars,
As soon as you remove these unnecessary toolbars, the speed of your Internet increases. 

Thus, it is not easy to remove some toolbars in toolbars without anti-malware programs.

### 5. Clear Cache :: This is the memory part of the computer, in which the data is saved for browsing in the future, it is a special type of computer memory that is used for reference of Browser.

Recently web page and pictures are saved in Cache. But when a lot of material gets accumulated in this Cache, then it slows down the Internet. Therefore, we should keep clearing the contents of this Cache at regular intervals based on our need so that there is no pressure on Internet Speed!

How To Increase internet Speed

Internet Slowe is running in computer laptop, what to do?

### 6. Do not use the old operating system :: if you use the old OS, then be careful, it can prove very dangerous for you,

### 7. Keep your internet browser updated :: Whether or not you wish to factore this factore, whatever browser you use, if its update version is avilable, then you use the update version only,

### 8. Keep the Recycle bin empty :: Yes guys, if you delete a file, then all those files go into the C drive, which slows down your system, so you do not put delete data in the recycle bin.

### 9. Do not use Multipal Antivirus :: They make a big mistake, people think, if we use more than one antivirus, our laptop or computer will be very fast? Yes, it is absolutely wrong, by doing this your system will slow down by 50%, so keep these things in mind.

### 10. Do not use third party antivirus:: Many people also use cheaply registered antivirus in a cheap affair, which is completely wrong.

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