Best Ping Submission Sites List 2019

Best Ping Submission Sites List 2019
Hello friends, I welcome you to Technnology Tips Abhay, here we bring you answers and questions related to Daily Blogging. Even today, we have brought some similar information for you, which is about website ping. If you are a blogger, then you must have heard about blog pinging, then many questions will also arise in your mind like, what is website ping, what is the benefit of website pinging? Today we will answer this on Technology Tips Abhay, you will know about site Pinging after reading this post completely.
Best Ping Submission Sites List 2019

What is website ping done?

Pinging has been given different definitions by different people or bloggers, and at the same time, some people have also described it as useless, so let me tell you that I use it myself and consider it very useful.

According to many people, creating a backlink is the website Pinging, but if I tell its meaningful meaning according to my own, then we can make our website and its articles better than any other website, both traffic and DA and PA.

Submit on it and get Dofollow Link. Because only through DoFollow link our site grows and traffic is good.

With this, our website ranks on Google very quickly and along with it, backlinks are also made for our website, we also get a good amount of traffic from them.

In simple language, website ping is a method by which we inform the Search Engine about the changes in our blog.

What are the benefits of website ping?

• Search engine gets to know about the latest post: -

Any post that we write will be show on Google or on Yahoo only when we notify it, otherwise we submit our site's Sitemap for this.

But when we have to write an article on a trending topic, it does not appear on Google search result page soon.

Due to this we lose a lot of traffic, so website ping is the only way to inform Google about blog posts and changes in blogs.

• Updating to Google: -

These pings return feedback to Google when you ping a URL, so that means they are asking you to visit your site, because new information has been found on your website.

• Post to be indexed quickly: -

When we have to index any post in Google quickly, we mostly fetch as google by going to the post URL in the search console.

But it does not have much effect, but with the help of post Pinging, we can get the post indexed quickly. Because of this our posts get High Quality Dofollow Links which causes them to be indexed quickly.

• Get Backlinks: -

If you are a blogger then you must have known about all the backlinks, Backlinks works to make our blog more popular soon. With this, our blog gets a good position on search result page like Google and Yahoo and also gets good traffic.

If a blog has content but does not have good backlinks, then it will not get much traffic and it will not be of any use .. If this continues, then that blog can be ruined.

But from website ping we also get backlinks of high quality due to which our Alexa Rank and Semrush rank also increases and that blog also ranks quickly in Google.

• Traffic is received: -

I will tell you about it that these are the sites that save the link of the blog and show its title in Google.

And when she is opened by visitor then Visitor comes to our blog, this gives us traffic .. and backlinks as well.

Friends, I have given you the list of some top ping websites, you can download this list by clicking on the download button.

Friends, I hope that you have understood about website pinging, if you have any thoughts about website ping, then you can comment by commenting. We will continue to bring good information for you even further. If you like this post, then give it a little time and share it on social media.

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