Diffrence Between Algorithm And FlowChart

Diffrence Between Algorithm And FlowChart
Diffrence Between Algorithm And FlowChart

In the world of Technology and Smartness, we should have general information about every thing, we told you about 2 things related to Programming in previous articles. One was Algorithm and the other was flowchart
Many people understood these two, and many have not yet understood what is the difference between them? So today I am going to tell you about this. To understand this correctly, we will first know what is Algorithm and FlowChart?

What is Algorithm

In this age of computer and the Internet, we need a lot of information. If a person sees his future in the field of the Internet, then he will need even more. Today I am going to tell you about one thing related to Computer Programing. The topic we will be talking about today is the Algorithm!
So let's know what it is?

What is the meaning of algorithm and definition of algorithm, what is Algorithm, what are its advantages and disadvantages

Algorithm is a word in direct language, which means you can consider Steps. Algorithm is written before writing Program in Programming Language, how to create a Program.

That is, for any work related to programming, the steps that are defined are called Algorithm! That is, you can also say that the steps that are defined in the language of Programing are called Algorithm. Let us use an example to understand Algorithm.
  • ·        When you message in your mobile, you must first do some work for it
  • ·        First of all, you will unlock your phone.
  • ·        After that you will open the App of Message in your phone.
  • ·        Now you will click on Icon of Write. After that you will type your message.
  • ·        Then you will sand the message by clicking on the Sand button.

Just by doing this, your message will get sanded. This is the algorithm you started in 4 steps i.e. from Start to End.

Diffrence Between Algorithm And FlowChart

Advantage of algorithm and Disadvantage of algorithm

Advantage:: In this, you will get a solution by any problem step by step, due to which you will not have any trouble in understanding and you can easily convert it into a flowe chart and then later you can use it in any programming language. can convert

Disadvantage:: There is a lot of time loss in this, first you have to write Algorithm, then after that you have to convert it to Flow Chart and then convert to programming code.

Benefits of writing algorithms

If we write Algorithm, we get the solution of any kind of problem very easily. And we also get this step by step, which makes it easy to understand the problem.

You can also convert your algorithm to a flow chart. Then you can change it in any Programing Language.

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What is FlowChart

FlowChart: We told you about Algorithm in our previous article, now today we will talk about the next step of the same i.e. the next step of Algorithm. First of all, let me tell you in short that the steps we define before doing any programing or Tech related work, it is called Algorithm.

Flowchart is a very useful and important work, if you are going to do the Releted Work from a Programing, then today I will tell you about it, as well as we will also know the benefits of Flowchart in this article today.

What Is FlowChart?

You must have known what Algorithm is, Algorithm is an Idea or Steps that we define before programming. FlowChart Algorithm has a Graphical Representation in any or any computer program of your mind.

In Simple Language, what we write or define in Algorithm is called flowchart, showing it in computer programming or diaphragm. That is, you can also say that Algorithm is a flowchart made in computer language.

Many symbols are used in the flowchart. Such as Square, Rectangle, Diamond, Arrows and many more. By using these symbols, Means connects them to each other, how Programe is flowing, how it is being made, how it is working, what are its benefits.

Diffrence Between Algorithm And FlowChart

Advantages Of Making A FlowChart ??

  • ·       For FlowChart Communication, very easy means simple.
  • ·       It is easy to understand the Programe we are making or the program in which the Problem Solve is happening.
  • ·       Where the data flows, it shows us, it Means we get its details.
  • ·       Solve any problem and it is easy to understand. We can describe it and then easily solve it.
  • ·       When we create any new programing or do any new software design through programing, then it is the best tool Prove.

Disadvantages Of Making a FlowChart

  • ·       A lot of time goes into the flowchart, and for those who are Expert in Software Devlopment, it is absolutely uninteresting.
  • ·       Producing and managing flowcharts can be a bit difficult.
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What is the difference between FlowChart and Algorithm?

  • ·       You can use a FlowChart for many different types of Motive. For example, For Education, For Presentation, For Algorithm or Personal Use but Algorithm is used only for Mathematical or Computer purposes.
  • ·       Algorithm is a process or steps to solve any Computer Programs, steps are written in it. Whereas in FlowChart the problem is society and solve through Graphical Representation.
  • ·       In FlowChart, we use diaphragms like Arrow, Square Box etc. But in Algorithm, we do Steps Define without using any type of diaphragm.
  • ·       FlowChart is easier to create while creating Algorithm is tougher than FlowChart.
  • ·       With Algorithm, we use the Specific Program Language to Solve the Programming Problem of any Type whereas in FlowChart we use Logic and Symbols.

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