what is blog

what is blog

We will tell you through this article/post what is a blog. Who says a blog? What is a blog? Why do people become blogs? Why do people blogging? What benefit do we get from the blog? To get answers to all these questions, read this post, in this, we will have our full chassis to give you complete information.

what is blog

What is a blog? What is a blog called?

Blog is a place where every day, every hour you get to learn something new, there are new Post Updates every day, every hour. Blogs are a type of personal webpage (website) written like a diandi (diary). Their subjects may be general and special. Every blog can have some articles, some photos, and some videos too. According to the Hindi language, the blog is called "Chittha". The word 'Chittha' was first coined/founded by the Indian blogger Alok Kumar, which has now become popular in the Hindi world on the Internet. The word "letter" has also been included by Google in its Dictionary / Dictionary.

Blog is an English word which is a subtle name of the word Weblog. The weblog was given the name by Jorn Berger in 1997, which was later shortened in 1999 by Merholz to the blog which is famous today by this name, people know it by this name, and the word has become popular on the Internet.

Friends, you must know that people used to write, or share Dairy, magazine, their suggestions or some important things, etc., in the old times or some years ago i.e. about 20 years ago. In today's modern age, people like to write on the Internet i.e. blog, they share it. This is called a blog. Blog can be written on any subject. The blog writer is also called Blogger and the work done on the blog is called Blogging.

what is blog

Blogging -

Blogging itself is the work of writing articles and maintaining blogs, Blogging is a way through which we can write on a topic / topic, you can put your idea in front of others from your perspective. They also know that they can teach others, Blogging has become a means of knowledge and entertainment. You can also earn good money by blogging. 

Blogging can also make your name your identity in the world of Internet.

Blogger -

A blogger is a person who reaches out to people by creating a blog, their knowledge, their thoughts and whatever they know that can help others, through their blog, they write for it every day, To keep people updated all the time, they are always looking for new things, that is, everything that they do not know that they tell through their blog, it is called a blogger. You can speak directly in words, the person who is blogging is called Blogger.

What does a blog look like?

Talking about a simple blog, the Posts List is shown on one side and the feature in the Sidebar on one side, the blog has a comment system below the post so that the readers coming to the blog can give their suggestions, opinions. And there is a subscribe box, in the subscribe box, readers can get updates of new articles/posts from your blog through their email. A blog can be run by either an Admin (Owner) or a Team. Everyday new posts/articles are published in a blog. Like: - Look at hindiarticles.com, this is also a blog.

Benefits of making a journal - advantages of Blogs

We don't do any harm by creating a blog or blogging on amour,
Rather, there are benefits from blogs. Some points are given here as follows.

  By sharing our knowledge with each other, that is, by writing articles in the blog, we can also, earn money from the blog.
  Can make a mark in the world of the internet.
  A blog is a way where you get some new information. You also learn and teach it.
  Creating a blog is very easy, we do not need technical knowledge or coding information to create a simple blog.
  A blog is a place where you can reach thousands of people in a short time.
  Blogs can be written in any language. There is no restriction on this.
  No technical education is required to create a blog, any common person can make a blog.
  The biggest thing is that by blogging, your knowledge does not decrease, but knowledge increases.

How to make a blog for free - Make free blog site

If you also want to create a blog of your own, then you can create a free blog with the help of these platforms, there are many ways to create a blog without any technical knowledge,

Blogger: - Blogger is a very popular platform, blogger is the product of Google, it is also known as blogspot, it is famous all over the world, it is very easy to use, nowadays people use this platform. More are adopted to create a free blog site. https://www.technologytipsabhay.com/ is also made in a blogger.

Wordpress: - WordPress is popular all over the world, the service of WordPress is also free and paid. If you create a blog in free service, then it is also like a blogger, but if you use paid service, then it becomes much more powerful than a blogger. It is a (CMS) content management system. It is very easy to use. It was first released on 27 May 2003 by their founders Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little.

Joomla: - Joomla is a free and open-source content management system (CMS). With this help, you can create a blog on the internet. It is written in the PHP Programming language. Joomla came into existence on 17 August 2005.

Weebly: - Weebly is also a good service, but it is a web hosting service, with the help of this, third-class websites are created, it has the website feature of drag and drop.
There are more blog making platforms, but we have put some of these names in front of you. This is a very popular platform. You can also make your blog on platform, we will soon write a post on Blogger.com about how to make a blog.

So guys, hope you know what a blog is? what is a blog? Friends, Share this post as much as possible with your friends and stay connected with us, subscribe by email to get a new post and comment to give your suggestions. Thank you

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