What is artificial intelligence and its impact on human life

What is artificial intelligence and its impact on human life
What is artificial intelligence

What is artificial intelligence and its advantages and disadvantages on human life

By the way, God has given very beautiful gifts to mankind and these gifts include this life, earth, our environment etc. But the way humans have touched their new heights using their brains. Looking at him, it seems that the best gift given by God to humans is "mind". The mind is such a thing with the help of which you can achieve anything. For example- Today, with the help of the brain, humans have reached other planets. The way humans have invented things like computers, phones, space craft, they are all praiseworthy. Not only this, with the help of brain, humans have made many impossible things possible. If there is any difference between human and animal. So that is just a difference of mind.

Using this gift given by God, today humans have also taken steps to create fake minds. Yes, humans have now achieved success in Artificial Intelligence (AI).

What is the definition of artificial intelligence?

Through artificial intelligence, efforts are being made to make computer systems or machines in such a way that they can easily do the work done by humans. These machines are being built in such a way that they can easily make decisions like us, having an understanding of right and wrong, visual perception, identifying humans and so on. If said in more simple language, then these machines are being given brains like humans. So that he can also take decisions like humans.

At the moment there are many machines that do many things but we cannot call those machines a smart machine. Because those machines are doing just that. As much as instructions have been given to do that machine. These machines can neither make a decision on their own, nor can identify people.

Artificial intelligence machines

If a machine recognizes a person, plays chess with humans, then those machines will be called artificial intelligence machines. At the same time, you must have heard about unmanned car or unmanned aircraft. With the help of this technology, it is possible to drive unmanned vehicles or aircraft in today's era.

Founder of artificial intelligence

John McCarthy was the founder of artificial intelligence. He, along with his partners Marvin Minsky, Herbert Simon and Ellen Nevel, researched and founded artificial intelligence. The term artificial intelligence was invented in the year 1955 by John McCarthy.

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History of Artificial Intelligence

The term artificial intelligence was mentioned during a workshop held at Dartmouth College in 1956. In 1956, at Dartmouth College, John McCarthy also organized a workshop on this subject. In which this topic was discussed. At that time, the work started on this subject has been continued by scientists and has given a new place to John McCarthy's thinking. In 1955, when American computer scientist and cognitive scientist John started working on it. At that time there was not much development in technology. But now due to advanced algorithms, computing power, improvement in storage, artificial intelligence has become popular and successful today.

What is artificial intelligence

Importance and use of artificial intelligence

In today's era, artificial intelligence is needed in every field like health care, manufacturing, retail, sports, space station, banking. There is a great demand for such machines in all these areas of work. With the help of artificial intelligence, machines are made in such a way that they too can become intelligent and help humans in their work.

The work that takes many months to do by humans can be done quickly through these machines. While the human mind stops thinking at one place, it is not so with artificial intelligence. Machines with artificial intelligence work smoothly without getting tired.

At the same time, we have told you how they are being used in different areas and why they are becoming important for us.

Its importance in medical research

With the help of artificial intelligence in medical research, many tasks are being done easily. With the help of artificial intelligence application, x-ray reading is done, reminding you of your work from time to time and helping you in research. Not only this, with the use of artificial intelligence, such a machine has been made which can also do the operation of humans. Not only this, such a machine is very helpful in finding out which disease a person has.

It is also used in sports

They are also used in sports like the field of medicine. Artificial intelligence is used in capturing images of game play, optimizing field conditions and strategy. Along with the reports about playing the game better with the help of artificial intelligence, the coaches are also given suggestions about the strategy of the game.

Artificial Intelligence in manufacturing and space

Like sports, it is also used extensively in manufacturing and through this how can we improve manufacturing and help in the manufacturing process. Apart from this, this technique is also being used in space related discoveries.

Artificial Intelligence in robots

Now with the help of artificial intelligence such robots are being prepared. Which talk just like ordinary humans. Not only this, the kind of facial expressions humans express. In the same way, they express their facial expressions in robots. At the same time, a robot named Sophia made in the year 2016 is an excellent example of artificial intelligence. This robot interacts with people and has given many interviews.

At the same time, you people also use techniques of artificial intelligence every day. Yes, your iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile are examples of this technology. With the help of this technique, you can search through your voice without typing anything in the net.

Apart from this, you can get music and movie recommendations on YouTube, smart home devices, security monitoring and smart cars, the same technology. At the same time, it has become clear from the above mentioned actions that we need this technology. This technology is going to prove very beneficial for us in the coming times.

What is artificial intelligence

Types of artificial intelligence

There are four main types of artificial intelligence. Which is, reactive machines, limited memory, brain theory and self awareness. You are given below information about all these, which is as follows-

Reactive Machines - The tasks assigned to reactive machines are capable of performing those duties only. Apart from the work given, these machines cannot do any other work. Deep Blue,

IBM's chess-playing supercomputer or game-playing robot are excellent examples of reactive machines. All these machines can only react to current scenarios. At the same time, these machines behave only the same when a situation occurs repeatedly.

Limited Memory - Limited memory performs its work by pre-programing knowledge and observation. At the same time, you can take 'autonomous (automatic) car' as an example of limited memory. The instructions that are put in such cars. She decides on the basis of them. Apart from the instructions, these cars take this decision by looking at nearby things and other vehicles.

THEORY OF MIND - Machines of this type will be very important in the coming times. Such machines will be prepared in such a way that they can understand people's feelings, behavior in the world.

SELF-AWARENESS - Scientists have not yet designed any such machine. That is when such a machine will be made. So it will be one of the advanced types of machines of artificial intelligence. This type of artificial intelligence machines will be able to identify the emotions inside them. Those who have self awareness will be able to understand emotions like humans.

Artificial Intelligence is good or bad

Everything in the world has some advantages and some disadvantages. Similarly, artificial intelligence also has many disadvantages and many benefits. At the same time, this question comes to our minds repeatedly, whether artificial intelligence is good or bad for us. At the same time, to know the answer to this question, we need to know about the advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence.

What is artificial intelligence

(Negative effects / Risk / Dis- advantages of Artificial Intelligence)

Artificial Intelligence effects on jobs. If such a machine is made, which has the ability to think like us and can do any work without wearying. So in such a situation, these machines will be put to work in place of people. By doing this, these machines will replace us.

Dependence on Artificial Intelligence - There is no doubt that with the advent of new technologies, we have become lethargic. We are becoming more dependent on these machines. At the same time, we will not be able to give too much emphasis in thinking and understanding due to the arrival of thinking and understanding machines. With the intention of making the work easier and quicker, these machines will remain dependent on them. Which will affect our thinking ability.

Artificial Intelligence negative effects - This technology will have a very bad effect on the next generation. Where we used to use books to do our school work. At the same time, students nowadays depend on computers for basic questions and easily get answers to anything without working hard. Similarly, the coming generation will get more new technologies. So that he could not use his mind.

These machines are expensive - making machines like humans proves to be a costly deal. Not only this, apart from making these machines, taking care of them also proves very expensive.

Positive effects or advantages or benefits of artificial intelligence

Role of Artificial Intelligence in decision making
Artificial intelligence like humans can be put inside machines or robots. But putting emotions inside these machines is still possible. There is no feeling inside the machines. These machines will do their work without any emotion and in such a situation the chances of making any mistake in that work will be equal.

Helpful in working tirelessly
These machines can do any work continuously without getting tired. In such a situation, any work can be done as soon as possible. Not only this, we humans can do our work only for 8 hours. At the same time, these machines will be able to work from day to night without stopping.

Hazardous use
There are many things that humans want to do. But due to the risk involved in doing those works, they cannot do those works. At the same time, all such works can be done with the arrival of such machines, which are dangerous for us. Apart from this, there are many places where we cannot go, but these machines can easily go to those places.

The difference between artificial intelligence and machine learning?

Machine learning is a part of artificial intelligence. At the same time, if we talk about the difference between these two, these two things are quite different from each other. Through machine learning, computers are made in such a way that they can take decisions based on data. Algorithms are used to do this. Through algorithms, the computer understands the data you enter and then decides based on it. For example if you watch a video in YouTube. So for other videos like that video, you have suggestions from YouTube. Actually these suggestions are taken based on the video you have searched.

Scientist Arthur Samuel saw the future of machine learning in the year 1956. He had done a lot of research on machine learning. Therefore, if they are called the father of this technology, it will not be wrong. According to him, the definition of machine learning he gave was as follows. According to him, through machine learning, the computer can be made in such a way that it can take decisions on its own, without needing any program.

On the other hand, when it comes to artificial intelligence, machine learning comes only under artificial intelligence. All machine learning can be counted as artificial intelligence. But artificial intelligence cannot be counted as machine learning. That is, all artificial intelligence can be called machine learning but artificial intelligence cannot be called machine learning.

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